you are what you love;

(not who loves you)

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Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Subang Utama - Petaling Selangor MY (2003 - 2007)
INTI College - Petaling Selangor MY (2008 - 2009)
Aimst University - Semeling Kedah MY (2009 present)
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, 10 o'clock live, 8/10 cats, adam hills, ah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah, andrew maxwell, andrew-lee potts, ant & dec, art, bandom, bbc's merlin, books, brendon urie, britain, british comedy, castiel, cats named frankie, charlie brooker, chris corcoran, cobra starship, colin morgan, collecting hats, csi, dammit jim, david mitchell, dead poets society, dick n dom, doctor leonard mccoy, doctor who, doodling, dr. horrible's sing-a-long blog, drawing, drinking milo, eric szmanda, faded cadence, fanart, fangs up cobra style, fedoras, fic, fictional tv characters, freeze rays, fresh meat, fry & laurie, gabe saporta, gabe/tycho, geekery, graphics, green day, hats, heroes, hg2g, himym, house md, ianto jones, iced peach tea, icon-making, icons, impala, inception, inglourious basterds, ipods, it's fucking distracting, james wilson, jeeves & wooster, jimmy carr, jimmy carr's laugh, jimmy carr/david walliams, john simm, josh widdicombe, jude law, karl urban, keanu reeves, keytars, lee pace, making imaginary friends, mark watson, marshall lancaster, med school, milo ventimiglia, misha collins, mr. music, music, neil patrick harris, nintendo ds, om nom nom, p. g. wodehouse, pacific rim, panic at the disco, paul mccartney, penguins, penny arcade, pepsi, pie, pottsy, primeval, procrastination, professor layton, psych, pushing daisies, qi, randomness, reading, reginald jeeves, robert khoo, robert sean leonard, sam wills, señor bale, sherlock, sherlock holmes, simple plan, sir arthur conan doyle, slash, soupy twist, star trek, stephen fry, subtext, suit up, supernatural, swing kids, the beatles, the dresden files, the fall, the horne section, the last leg, the piemaker, time travel, torchwood, tv shows, twitter, videogames, webcomics, weird obsessions, wil wheaton


Pei Yen; Naive 22-year-old. Struggling med student. Lover of TV, music, movies and books.
Dabbler in graphic-making and drawing (occasionally producing stuff she might call "art")

Feel free to drop a message! Please note that I'll only be checking LJ occasionally; I'm most likely to be found on Tumblr/Twitter (links available below)


TV; Almost Human, Black Mirror, CSI, Doctor Who, Elementary, Hannibal, House MD, In The Flesh, Life On Mars, Misfits, Primeval, Primeval: New World, Psych, Pushing Daisies, Sherlock, Star Trek, Suits, Supernatural, Torchwood, ETC. ETC.

BRITISH COMEDY; uh, everything? sitcoms, panel shows, radio shows, sketches, stand-up... a few favourites include Adam Hills, Alex Horne, Andrew Maxwell, The Boy With Tape On His Face, Charlie Baker, Charlie Brooker (technically not a comedian but whatever), David Mitchell, David Baddiel, The Horne Section, Ivo Graham, Jack Whitehall, James Acaster, Jason Byrne, Jigsaw, Jimmy Carr, Joe Lycett, Jon Richardson, Josh Widdicombe, Marcus Brigstocke, Mark Watson, Michael Legge, Nadia Kamil, Nick Helm, Phill Jupitus, Pappy's, Richard Herring, Sarah Millican, Stewart Lee, Stephen Fry, Susan Calman, Tim Key, Tom Basden, etc etc.

BOOKS; Darren Shan, The Dresden Files, H.P. Lovecraft, HHG2G, P.G. Wodehouse, Sherlock Holmes, etc.

oh look I draw things;


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